How to Schedule Instagram Posts

How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Learning the way to schedule Instagram posts is one in all the largest time savers and productivity hacks for social media managers nowadays. And what’s additional, planning your Instagram posts has several advantages.

Studies have shown that consistency is key to growth on Instagram, so planning your Instagram posts and guaranteeing regular updates may be a win-win situation—both boosting your reach and engagement further as saving you valuable time throughout the day.

3 benefits of scheduling your Instagram posts.

1. you’ll save time.

Crafting and posting the right Instagram post may be long — particularly if you’re making your posts on the day you wish to publish them.

However, planning your posts prior to time may well be a stronger, productivity-boosting thanks to produce and share your Instagram content. By batching your work, you’ll avoid the prices related to multitasking and context switching.

With Buffer for Instagram, you’ll currently schedule single-image and video posts directly from desktop or mobile (with many limitations). For the other scheduled Instagram posts, we’ll send a reminder notification to your mobile device to complete the post once the time is correct. This approach will liberate most of some time to specialize in the numerous alternative tasks social media managers should tackle daily.

2. ensure you’re posting systematically.

Consistency plays a key role in social media success. Once you’re systematically and regularly publishing new content, your audience can learn what to expect from your and once it’ll be announced.

For example, nightly the NBA shares a round-up of the newest scores from round the league and since I do know once to expect this, I open up Instagram to envision the results each morning after I begin my day:

Keeping a uniform schedule makes positive you maximize engagement while not hitting any lulls or stretches without updates.

A few years back, Union Metrics place along information on brands and Instagram and it found that the majority brands post to Instagram daily — the typical was actually 1.5 posts per day. Another fascinating learning from Union Metrics’ study was that there was no correlation between increased frequency and lower engagement, thus brands that announce multiple times per day didn’t notice any negative effects.

The lesson here is that consistency is essential for Instagram success. By planning your posts prior to time you’ll guarantee your profile is usually full of recent new content.

3. create and transfer content from your desktop.

Smartphones are getting awful tools for making content, however generally, particularly if you’re a social media manager, it may be easier to arrange and schedule all of your content on a PC. one in all the benefits of planning your posts within the net app is that you’ll have access to pictures of videos that may not get on your phone.

Most Instagram scheduler tools, Buffer enclosed, change you to make your posts on your desktop before publishing on mobile.

With a Publishing Premium or Business arrange, you’ll conjointly check precisely however your Instagram profile gallery can look once you’ve printed your scheduled posts:

Scheduling direct posts vs planning reminders.

In some exciting news, you’ll currently schedule sure kinds of Instagram posts directly from third-party apps like Buffer to Instagram.

For any of your scheduled posts that Buffer can’t share directly, we’ll allow you to understand when you produce the post. Once the scheduled posting time comes around, we’ll send a reminder notification to you via the Buffer app on your mobile device. You’ll then end the post within the Instagram app, wherever you’ll add things like filters and picture tags.

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